West Valley Water Polo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves the community in the Bay Area. We provide affordable, elite-level water polo and swimming training to youth in the area. Our mission is to create a positive, safe training environment  while we train young athletes to excel both in and out of the pool. We strive to provide the best water polo experience possible for our athletes, and we work hard towards that goal. 

One of our goals is to provide affordable, elite-level training for young athletes. Other, similar clubs in our area charge as much as double what we charge. Though affordable, West Valley Water Polo enjoys a robust staff, including several NCAA-level coaches, and various high-level guest coaches throughout the year. In order to continue to provide this level of training while remaining affordable, we rely on donors like yourself who support our mission. 

Your generous donation will help us continue to provide this very important service to the community. We use donation money to purchase new and better equipment for our athletes (for example, a single ball costs $30 and we use about 200 per year), provide scholarships for a small number of deserving athletes who cannot afford to pay, pay our enormous pool fees, pay our coaches, etc. If any of these sound like something you’d like to support, please donate today. In fact, you are welcome to provide us with instructions on how you would like your donation money used.

If you have a business logo that you would like displayed on our website in exchange for your donation, please contact us after you have donated.

We are enormously thankful to those of you who continue to donate much-needed funds to help support West Valley Water Polo. We really could not do all the good things we do without your help! Please click the button on the right to donate today!