Does a player need to be a member of USA Water Polo?

            Yes.  It is required for every player, coach, admin. and club who is involved with West Valley Water Polo for liability purposes

When will the summer season start? 

            Monday, May 13.  Please refer the flyers on the website, 

Who can participate in the West Valley Summer Tournaments?

            Every player is encouraged and eligible to participate with no extra fee.

When and where will Junior Olympic Zone Qualifiers and Junior Olympics 2019 be?

            2019 National Junior Olympic Qualification Tournament:

18u Boys & Girls                 16u Boys & Girls                               14u Boys                 14u Girls, 12 Coed       12u Boys & 10U Mixed
Round I: June 14-16           Round I: June 8-9                        Round I: June 14-16             June 14-16                  June 21-23               
Round II: June 21-23          Round II: June 14-16                  Round II: June 21-23


2019 USA Water Polo National Junior Olympics:
Orange County, CA and surrounding communities
Session 1 July 20 – 23, 2019 (12U, 14U, 16U and 18U Boys)
Session 2 July 25 – July 28, 2019 (14U, 16U, 18U Girls, and 10U and 12U Mixed)


Who can participate JO Qual and JO?  We are the one of the few or the only one club who gives every player the opportunity to participate in JO Qual/JO.  If you would like to participate in JO Qual, please mark on the online registration form and pay for the JO Qual fee, and let your coaches know by the end of second week of practice (5/24), and you mustcommit to it.  Once your team qualifies JO, you mustcommit to JO as well. 

When and what are the assessment practices? Who will be assessed? 

            Only high school players (girls and boys) will be assessed.   The assessed practices will be one of the ways for coaches to separate players into the appropriate groups by skills, levels and experiences for future practices.  This is not the only way to do so. If a player feels that he or she should be in a particular practice group, it is always best to communicate with coaches.  If you feel uncomfortable to talk to coaches, you can always email me at westvalleywaterpolo@gmail.comto share your thoughts.

            After the assessment practices, high school girls will have three groups, 18U JO, 16UJO and Gold(JO or Non JO group).   And high school boys will have three groups as well, 16U Boys Gold, 16U Boys Blue and 18U Boys.  10U/12U/14U age groups will not have assessed practices.

Can the player make-up a practice at other location if she or he cannot attend the assigned practice?

            We would like to keep a very reasonable number of players per coach at each practice in order to maintain the quality of our programs.  Sometimes we can grant your wish, but please always get an email approval from Teresa.  Her email address  It is OK to miss any practice, but please make sure to email Teresa at , and she will forward the message to the coaches. When you email her, please mention the age group and time of practice.  

Volunteers needed for our tournaments:

            We are a non-profit organization (501(c)(3).  We will host four summer tournaments ourselves.  We need many high school players as volunteers to help on this. They can earn volunteer hours. The tournament dates are as following:

            June 1-2, June 8-9, July 6-7 and July 13-14. 

Spirit Week – Last week of practice, July 15 to July 18. More to come.

            Team Spirit Day, Monday, July 15

            Team Spirit Day, Tuesday, July 16

            Team Spirit Day, Wednesday, July 17

            Team Pizza Fundraising Event, Thursday, July 18.  More detail to come.